Class 2 2019-20

Image result for welcome to our class Class Teacher: Mrs Robinson    Teaching Assistant: Miss Knowles

We clap loud, we clap hard- thank you NHS.

Monday 13 th July 2020
A message from Mrs Robinson
I hope you enjoyed the lovely weather this weekend. We only have 2 weeks left of home learning. Thank you for all your emails but there are still some of you I haven’t heard yet, so please get in touch. If you or your adults need anything to do with home learning, or would like to share some lovely images or stories with me, or want to nominate your child for the kindness or effort award please email by Thursday. It’s always great to hear from you. —>

Have a look at the link ans get yourself involved with the reading challenge over the summer 
Start the challenge by playing the games

Week beginning Monday 22nd June >>> QUICK CLICK LINKS for English | maths


E safety is a very important thing especially when we are working at home. I am going to be putting on a series of videos and activities for you to complete during the week with your parents.If you have any safeguarding concerns about internet safety please contact Mr Kelly or Mrs Clark

This is the last activity before the holidays.

Monday 13th July 2020

Being kind online

Monday 6th July 2020


RWI Lesson Times

Updated phonics resources 

Set 1 speed sounds. Click the link and see if you can say all your sounds.

See if you can read these words. Can you get speedy?

Below are show ditty sheets to read at home.

Set 2 speed sounds

See if you can read these words. Can you get speedy?

More information can be found in the link below

Set 3 speed sounds

Set 1 – 9.30am
Set 2 – 10.00am
Set 3 – 10.30am

Storytime with Nick – Mon / Wed and Fri at 2.00p.m. (He’s a super storyteller.)

Click the link below to find the YouTube channel.

Click the link below to find online reading activities for all ages.
Online Primary Reading Resources

English Talk 4 Writing

week beginning Monday 6th July

follow the link below and complete the booklet. there are 10 activities to last until Friday 16th July

Week beginning Monday 13th July

Follow the link below and complete the booklet from page 12- complete one activity a day.



Monday 20th July

White Rose Maths

We are now looking forward to September and in maths we will be learning about place value. It would be really good if you could do this Year 1 and Year 2 booklet as revision so that you will remember some of the skills that you have learnt when you go into Year 3.

Year 1 Place Value

Year 2 Place Value

Week beginning Monday 13th July Download the booklet all groups-Year 2 Maths Addition and Subtraction Monday 13th July


week beginning Monday 6th July

Pentagons: Monday 6th July | Tuesday 7th July | Wednesday 8th July | Thursday 9th July
Squares: Monday 6th July | Tuesday 7th July | Wednesday 8th July | Thursday 9th July


Friday challenge: Premier League football maths

Geography Monday 29th June

follow the link and find out about countries and capital cities-

PE Challenge!

Click this link to see your challenge.
We are looking for the most improved scores in this challenge. That starts with putting your scores in the form below!

Click this link for great home learning lessons from NCETM

This link takes you to great home learning lessons from iseemaths

Oak National Academy – Here is a link to online learning recommended by the government


Self-isolation science Year 2
Self-isolation science GARDEN EDITION

Further Learning

Should your child have to stay at home please click on this link to access curriculum materials that have kindly been shared by Robin Hood Multi-Academy Trust.

Maths Mastery home learning. Find the year 2 section. Printed copies available to collect from school too.

Find your child’s age group and there are a huge array of activities children can engage with at home so their learning does not suffer unduly.

Card games




Class Timetable year 2 2020

Year 2 curriculum overview 2019-2020


Autumn Term Notices


Autumn-2019 -curriculum news

Knowledge Organisers: Great Fire of London


Year2 Homework autumn 1 2019

knowledge organiser – Science- materials

Wellbeing survey link


Spring Term Notices


Year2 Homework Spring 1 2020


knowledge organiser plants

year 2 spring 2020

Year2-Spring- 2 -2020


Our trip to Staircase House

We had a wonderful time at Staircase House and learned lots about the Great Fire of London. Have a look at some of the pictures from our fantastic day out…