Class 3/4 2019-20

We are currently reading Pippi Longstocking. The class are loving the story so far!


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Class Teacher: Mrs Duncan

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Smith

Should your child have to stay at home please click on this link to access curriculum materials that have kindly been shared by Robin Hood Multi-Academy Trust.

Find your child’s age group and there are a huge array of activities children can engage with at home so their learning does not suffer unduly.

White Rose Maths – Problem of the Day

Please look in the curriculum area and then maths – there is a problem for each day of the week.Orange is KS1 and blue is KS2 – have a go and see what you can do.

Self-isolation science Y3/4

Self-isolation science GARDEN EDITION

Easter holiday activities

Easter English Activity Booklet Y3

Easter English Activity Booklet Answers Y3

Easter Activity Booklet Y4

Easter Activity Booklet Answers

Baking Fairy Cakes

Making a den


Card games

Autumn Term Notices

Wellbeing survey link

Spring Term Notices

Spring 2 newsletter

Homework Grid

Year 3/4 Spelling List

3 4 HD Feb 2020