Class 4/5 2018-19

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Class Teacher: Mrs Duncan

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Smith


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Year 45 Timetable September


Homework grid Summer 2

Year 4 June 10th

Year 5 June 10th



The Class went to the Deva Centre in Chester as part of our work on Romans. We had a great time, learning some of the fighting skills from a real soldier.

Some video of the training.

04-10-2018 105320

04-10-2018 105527


We then learned about the life of a gladiator.


Finally we had a look inside the museum, including the Roman dig and played with some of their artefacts.



Listen to some of Class 4/5’s compositions, composed on Garage Band in response to Lemn Sissay’s poem, Invisible Kisses. For first attempts, we think they’re great.


In July we listened to music associated with rituals and celebrations from a range of religions in RE. We hear ‘Ode to Joy’ by Beethoven and tried to create our own musical compositions on Garage Band that evoked a similar feeling of uplifting calm, suitable for moments of reflection or worship. The results were great. Here’s a sample of them.

Savannah & Sarina


Patricia & Koedan