Class 5/6 2019-20

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Class Teacher: Mrs Clark

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Warren and Mr Hanson.

Isolation Learning

Should your child have to stay at home please click on this link to access curriculum materials that have kindly been shared by Robin Hood Multi-Academy Trust.

Maths Mastery home learning. Find the year 5 and 6 sections. Printed copies available to collect from school too.

Find your child’s age group and there are a huge array of activities children can engage with at home so their learning does not suffer unduly.

White Rose Maths – Problem of the Day

Please look in the curriculum area and then maths – there is a problem for each day of the week.Orange is KS1 and blue is KS2 – but worthwhile doing them all if you are KS2.

Self-isolation science Y5/6

Self-isolation science GARDEN EDITION

Easter holiday activities.

Easter Activity Booklet Year 5

Easter Activity Booklet Answers 5

Easter Activity Book Year 6

Easter Actvity Year 6 answers

Year 6 Easter Maths

Year 6 Easter Maths Answers

Y5/6 Curriculum

Y6 timetable

Autumn Term Notices

Year 5/6 overview (English)

Autumn news letter

Homework Plan Autumn 1

Wellbeing survey link

Spring Term Notices

Spring 1 news letter

Spring 2 newsletter

Homework Plan Year 5 Spring 1 and 2

Homework Plan Year 6 Spring 1 and 2 

Booster Club

Reading Challenge

Evolution and Inheritance Knowledge Organiser

Statutory word list for Years 5 and 6

Statutory word list for Years 3 and 4

The link below takes you to all of the past SATs papers. Attempting them is a great way to prepare for the SATs tests this May, particularly if your child has to have any time off. If they experience any difficulties with the test and need help or feedback, parents can email Mr Kelly for support:

Past SATs papers for practise

Maths Revision for the isolation.

Do you remember Year4 ?

We are pleased with our self portrait display.

We have just enjoyed reading The Star Outside My Window and we are looking forward to reading Cosmic by Frank Cottrell-Boyce.


In Year5/6 we have a new reading area which is where we choose our books and recommend good reads to our friends.

Roberts’ Bakery came into school and made bread with us. We learnt all about the changing state of materials.


We visited Cheadle Mosque to learn all about Islam. We found it very interesting and we learnt about how much we have in common with people from other cultures.
We have been enjoying learning how to do different yoga techniques.
We have been learning how to plan a science investigation. We have planned an investigation about electricity in small groups.


We have been learning all about the speed of the traffic and completed the Speedwatch course.