At Lark Hill we know that it is vital that children develop early number sense and learn to enjoy playing with mathematics if they are to experience success. Games, puzzles and problem solving are essential to this end. This page aims to introduce you to fun, easy ways to support your child’s mathematical understanding. Please follow the links and play the games: if you tell us that you have played any of these games with your child, that counts as homework.

Games to develop number sense, ages 4-5, 5-7 and 8+

Parents Times Table Tool Kit

Quick-fire addition and subtraction practise

Numberwang! – great game for reasoning add/subtract/multiply/divide  KS2

Parity – brilliant, simple puzzle for reasoning and introducing negative numbers. Ages 5-adult.

Mathman – addition and subtraction Maths Hangman

Fun, easy games to play with your children to encourage mathematical thinking

Nim – great for developing strategy

Ultimate noughts and crosses