Phonics information for parents

Please read the information in the above link. It outlines how we teach children to read.

There are two main strands to learning to read:

  1. Becoming an enthusiastic reader – seeing the point of reading and loving stories.
  2. Decoding – working out the relationship between those symbols on the page and the sounds they represent and blending these into words.

Both of these strands are equally important. The information in the link details how we can together (school and parents) ensure that every child becomes a confident and enthusiastic reader.

The single most important thing you can do to help your child learn is to read: Be a model of reading (read books yourself), read to and with your child (even when they are in year 6) and listen to them reading as often as you can.

If you are struggling to find time or to get your child enthused about reading at home, please ask us for help. All the teachers are experts in teaching reading and in children’s literature – we will find you books that your children will love.

Every week your child will bring home a reading book (a book that they can read; that is at their level). Please listen to them read this book as many times as you can and encourage them as they move from ‘Fred-talk’ (sounding words out) to reading it fluently and confidently.

They will also bring home a Library book. This is a book to be read to them – a bedtime story or a book to be enjoyed with an adult. By reading these books and others to your child you will help foster a love of reading and stories that is absolutely vital if they are to become confident learners. The biggest predictor of future academic success is whether or not you were read to as a child.

Please encourage your child to read and read to them as much as possible. If you need any help with this, please come in and ask your child’s teacher. They will be happy to help.