Reception Archive Year Class Page 15/16

The children went on an Easter egg hunt. They had to look carefully for the clues to find the Easter hen who gave them a special treat.Curriculum overview.










We went to visit ‘Martin Mere Wetland Centre’. It was great fun. We learnt all about how birds look after their eggs, found out about what lives in a pond and then saw lots of beautiful birds.




We finally have some chicks. After a very long wait our chicks eventually came. We have 22.

After learning all about growth and how we have changes since we were a baby, a baby came in to see us. We were able to see how much we have grown and changed.

We have had a PE coach who has been teaching us all about ball skills. We have been getting better at throwing and catching.


The children went on an Easter egg hunt. They had to look carefully for the clues to find the Easter hen who gave them a special treat.

We had great fun playing out in the snow when the snow came. Do you like our snowman? After we came in and warmed up with a cup of hot chocolate.


A lady came to talk to us about how Chinese New Year is celebrated. She showed us some traditional Chinese instruments. She played the Yang Quin which was really beautiful. We also had a go at playing the Chinese instruments and then we did some Chinese writing.


We went to visit the local firestation. They told us all about how they help us. We even got to have a squirt of their hose!


We had a veterinary nurse from PDSA come to talk to us about how we can look after our pets.

A lady from the dental health team came to talk to us about how to look after our teeth. We learnt how to brush our teeth properly and all about which foods are good and bad for our teeth.


We are learning all about the different people who help us. The police came to visit us to talk about how they help. We really enjoyed looking in the police car!


We had a lots of fun at our Christmas party. Look who came!


We looked lovely all dressed up for our Nativity. Well done to all the children who worked so hard learning all the songs.


On the 1st December we had our decoration day. We made our classroom look great.

We looked very spotty dressed up for ‘Children in Need.’ Our class raised £32, well done and thank you.


This week was Diwali. We learnt all about who celebrates this festival of light and even made our very own Divas.


We have been learning about why we celebrate bonfire night. We made our very own bonfire and  Guy Fawkes to go on top.

We looked great dressed up for our book character parade.

We went on a ‘wellie’ walk to Hollywood Park to look for signs of autumn. We had lots of fun.

For book week the reception children read the story of ‘Pumpkin Soup.’ We then made our own books, cutting and sticking the characters in the story. We also experimented with pumpkins, scooping out the middle to make our own pumpkin soup!

We even rolled the pumpkins down the hill to see which one was the fastest!

The reception children walked with their ‘buddie’ to the church for our Harvest celebration. We sang a song all about Autumn. Well done reception. We love it when our grown ups come to stay and play. This happens every Friday, so if you haven’t yet been able to come, we would love to see you. All the reception children have a ‘buddie’ from years 5 and 6 who are there to help them whenever they need. The children made friends with their ‘buddie’ in the hall. We heard some lovely conversations.

The reception children have settled in well and have been learning how to share with their friends and how to look after our areas. Well done reception you are working well.

The children have enjoyed their first week in reception. They have been busy exploring the classroom both inside and out.