Reception Class 2018-19

Class Teacher: Mrs Greenaway

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Reid and Mrs White


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Curriculum News Summer 2

Reception had lots of fun at Chester Zoo. They saw lots of animals from our book Handa’s Surprise.
The children looked great dressed up for World Book Day.
Look who came to our Christmas party!
The children worked really hard learning all the songs for their performance of the ‘Nativity.’
The children had great fun decorating the classroom with their ‘buddie.’
The reception children were all given a ‘buddie’ from year 5 / 6. They enjoyed spending time and sharing books with their ‘buddie.’

Pumpkin fun!

After listening to the story of ‘Pumpkin Soup’, the children had great fun experimenting with the pumpkins. They really enjoyed rolling them down the hill to see which one would be the quickest.


Stay and Play

The children love it when their parents come to stay and play on a Friday.