Reception Class 2019-20

Class Teacher: Mrs Greenaway
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Reid and Mrs White

RWI lessons live from Monday. Set 1 – 9.30am and 12.30pm. Set 2 – 10.00am and 1.00pm. Set 3 – 10.30am and 1.30pm

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Some activities to do with your child while they are not in school.

EYFS home learning ideas.

Science activities for reception children to explore at home: Self-isolation-science-Rec

Self-isolation science GARDEN EDITION

How to say the sounds: A short video showing how to pronounce each sound to support your child in learning to read

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Image result for read write inc simple sounds                                 

Once children are secure with the simple speed sounds, they move onto the complex speed sounds (below). This is usually at the end of Reception or in  Year 1.

Image result for read write inc complex speed sounds                    Image result for rwi speed sounds with pictures


Click the link below to see some ideas of stories you could enjoy with your child.

Brilliant books

Development matters


‘What to Expect When?’ This is a really useful guide to see how your child develops throughout the EYFS.



Yearly Overview

Reception Overview 2019-20

Autumn Term Notices

Curriculum News Autumn 1

Curriculum news Autumn 2 (2)


Spring Term Notices

Curriculum News Spring 1

Curriculum News Spring 2


Look what we have be doing in Reception.

The children had so much fun at Chester Zoo.
A dental health nurse came to talk to us how to look after our teeth. The children enjoyed brushing the teeth. We learnt all about the things that are good and bad for our teeth.
The children learnt about Chinese New Year and enjoyed making a Chinese banquet to share with their friends. They loved cutting up the vegetables and eating the food with chopsticks.
The children have been learning about the different people who help us.
After learning about the Police, they helped catch a ‘big baddie’ who had come into school and taken some of their things. They enjoyed investigating and looking for clues.
Look who came to see the children at their Christmas party.



The children looked for signs of Autumn.