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What does Science at Lark Hill look like


We are Science Communicators…

     Here, Lewis shares his knowledge about the 8 planets on video. 

Below, Jake shares his knowledge about the solar system with his friends, and then on the SeeSaw app.


The brand new science display board features Wilf’s orrery and Abby’s diorama, complete with interesting facts about the solar system and beyond!



In March, we celebrated British Science Week and the Great Science Share for Schools by taking our STEM club and their inventions to a Stockport primary and secondary school competition at St. Anne’s RC High School. The children explained and demonstrated to hundreds of students and teachers. The faces at their stall were smiling wide, full of wonder.


They learnt a lot from other students’ projects too.

In STEM club, we started off with recyclable plastic bottles and we asked what we could do with them…