Term dates 2018 – 2019

SCHOOL HOLIDAY LIST : September 2018 – July 2019

Autumn Term 2018                            

School Re-opens: Wednesday 5th September (Monday & Tuesday are in-service days) 
October Half Term  Break up: Friday 19th October   Return: Monday 29th October
Christmas Holiday. Break-up: Friday 21st December  


Spring Term 2019

School Re-opens: Monday 7th January
February Half Term.  Break-up: Friday 15th February   

School Re-opens: Tuesday 26th February (Monday is an in-service day)
Easter    Break-up: Friday 5th April   


Summer 2019

School Re-opens: Tuesday 23rd April          (May Day Bank Holiday: Monday 6th May) 
Whit Holiday   Break-up: Friday 24th May   

School Re-opens: Monday 10th June 
Summer Holiday.  Break-up: Friday 26th July
Reminder to all parents
We are unable to authorise any holidays during term time.