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Please watch our video in appreciation of all key workers.

Thank you

Everybody at Lark Hill Primary School would like to say thank you to all the key workers, carers and members of the NHS.

Lark Hill Primary School: A community of…
Responsibility & Respect, Creativity & Challenge.
Welcome to Lark Hill. We are a small, community primary school with a family feel, striving every day to ensure that Lark Hill is a happy place to learn.
We place challenge at the heart of everything we do: children are supported and challenged to stretch themselves, to persevere and to achieve more than they first thought possible. We encourage all members of our school community to have the highest expectations of themselves in terms of their behaviour and their learning habits. Effort and kindness are rewarded so that all progress and all develop a love of learning.
Our three golden rules are simple and apply to everyone: children, staff, parents, visitors and governors.
Look after yourselves
Look after each other
Look after our school

Well done to all of the children for working hard at home this week.

Friday 10th  July 2020

Effort and kindness certificates for the following children this week.


Willow- effort award for working hard in all lessons.

Nazim- effort award for working hard in all lessons.

Grace- effort award for working hard in all lessons.

Georgie- effort award for working hard in all lessons.

Ted- kindness award for being kind and helpful.

Year 1

The whole 1B bubble for being kind and welcoming to Anya

Charlie- effort award for his good reading and phonics.

Eli  – effort award for a wonderful week in maths. Using all his knowledge to help him solve problems.

 Harvey  – kindness award for always being helpful and putting others first.

Year 2 

Deakon- effort award for good phonics work.

Year 3

Abigail- effort award for still continuing with home learning whilst at school.


Jack – effort award for good home home learning

Alyssa -effort award for good home home learning

Cain -kindness award for laying with everybody and using kind words.

Alfie- kindness award for always smiling and helping others.


Craig – effort award for persevering with tricky maths this week
Aiden – effort award for picking himself back up when things don’t go right in sports
Savannah – kindness award for being a great team player and laughing off not-so-great throws, bats, catches and kicks
Gosko – kindness award for caring about his classmates and his teachers!


Dylan- kindness award for being kind and considerate .

Rhiannan- effort award for working hard in lessons.

Times Tables Rockstars
New battles commence on Monday 6th July 2020

Results Friday 3rd July 2020

Well done Y5/6 4853 points Battle of the bands champions.

Year 5/6

Highest contributors – Rhiannan and Layla.

Year 4/5 

Highest contributors 

Lewis and Mohammed.

Well done class 3 Battle of the bands champions.

Highest contributor Class 2

Ronan and Harry.

Highest contributor Class 3

Connor and Abigail.

Education advice for parents during coronavirus.

Wednesday 2nd June 2020
Think you know which is the internet safety information service that we follow has produced the following information for parents.


They have also produced these games to play with your children.


To make an appointment to look round and meet the headteacher, Mr Kelly, please call 0161 480 6295 and ask for Mrs Clowes.