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Children in KS2 have a French lesson each week.

Teaching is planned using the Programme of Study for Languages in KS2 through the LanguageNut digital platform.

Children are taught to ask and answer questions, use correct pronunciation and grammar, memorise words, interpret meaning, understand basic grammar, work in groups, communicate in French and look at life in another culture. Lessons provide opportunities for speaking and listening with writing and reading where relevant. Children are encouraged to be active learners and lessons regularly include the use of games, songs, dance, rhymes, storytelling and role plays.

Children are introduced to vocabulary and taught it explicitly, before having lots of opportunities to practise using the new words and phrases in the context of role-play, songs and various games, some on electronic devices. They are then tested and we move on only when we are confident that the learning has stuck.

This document (What French looks like at Lark Hill) gives more detail.