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Attendance and Punctuality


It is vital that children are in school and on time. Please phone the office and speak to Mrs Clowes if for any reason your child cannot attend school or is going to be late. 

Our attendance target is to ensure that we achieve greater than 96% attendance (on average) for all children.

If your child is absent just 5% of the time, this means they are missing a day every month, which would certainly cause problems for an adult in work and makes it difficult for children to keep up with their classmates.

If your child is absent 10% of the time, this equals a day off every fortnight.

Attendance below 80% means they are having a day off every week.

If your child is late, they will have missed vital opportunities to respond to teachers’ feedback. It can also be embarrassing for a child to consistently start the day late and cause them to be unhappy. If parents are struggling to get children in to school regularly and on time for whatever reason, please get in touch. We are here to help.


Attendance Rewards and Incentives

To reward parents who consistently ensure their children are in school on time, we will be having an Attendance Prize every Friday in Good Work Assembly. If your child is in school on time every day of that week, their name will go into a prize draw. A winner will be drawn at random in the assembly and their parents will receive a £5 supermarket voucher! You’ve got to be in it, to win it.

Any and all classes who achieve better than 97% attendance in any given week win themselves a non-uniform day the following Monday.

Children who achieve better than 98% attendance as well as those achieving over 90% who have made a concerted effort to make a greater than 10% improvement in their attendance will get a special certificate at the end of each term.

We can only ensure children make good progress if they are in school. Please do everything you can to support your child’s learning by getting them into school on time every day.