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E Safety


The internet is a wonderful thing, if used safely and responsibly. But it also has its dangers for children and adults alike. You need to protect yourself, to keep your information secret.

How can we keep ourselves safe on line? Try to follow these simple rules.

  • I can stay safe online by following these SMART steps.
  • I will stay SAFE by not giving out my personal information such as: name, address, phone number, email address, photos or school name to people online.
  • I will never arrange to MEET anyone that I have only been in touch with online unless my parent or carer can be present.
  • I will think before ACCEPTING emails, IM messages, or opening files, pictures or texts from people I don’t know as this can lead to problems and may contain viruses.
  • I will think carefully about what I read, hear and see online and if it is RELIABLE and not trust information unless I have checked it on other websites, in books or have asked an adult about it.
  • I will TELL my parent, carer or Teacher if something or someone makes me feel uncomfortable or worried or if I am being bullied online.
  • I will treat other people online the same as I would treat them in person.

Think carefully about:

Content: What harmful content could my child be exposed to?

Contact: Who could potentially contact my child online via an app, game, website or other means? Could they be predatory?

Conduct: Is my child behaving responsibly and as kindly as they would in real life online? Are they putting themselves at risk with the things they do and say online?

Commerce: Is my child running up debt? Could they click on the wrong thing and cost me serious money? This is happening regularly and costing thousands.


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